Only 4 voting days left!

Unbelievably, there are only 4 more voting days for you to show your support for the international Edublog Awards 2006 finalists. So if you haven’t already, please do vote, and make sure you show your support for all the hard work educators have put into make the internet a more interesting, creative, informative and though-provoking place this year.

I’ve been so busy with the day job and with putting together the event this year that it seems like everyone has scooped me on it.

Keen to add our own flavour to the heap of seasonal festivities, Edublogland is currently caught up the annual voting frenzy which traditionally (well, it’s the third one – that’s about 30 in internet years right?) proceeds the online Award Winners party. Why not come along? It will be open house over at from around 13:55GMT, this Sunday, 17 December 2006. There will be various listening options for your aural pleasure, with Skypecast and talkshoe links available from the EdTechTalk Edublogs Award page.

Once again the smooth talking Jeff Lebow and yr own unidentifiably accented Josie Fraser will host Edublogland’s favorite holiday show, with Dave Cormier rounding up the years highlights.

I will also be announcing the winner of the first Conveners Choice award for the edublog I loved most of all this year – one that didn’t make it onto the nominee list but firmly deserves wider recognition. And that’s all I’m saying for now.

Jeff promises to improve the Worldbridges help pages before the weekend.