his ‘n’ hers


Just in time for Valentines day, an easy if pricey way to reinforce gender role stereotypes through the power of laptops: Cenio Arttops come in two flavors, and guess which one is bigger (15.4-inches!), more powerful and more expensive?  "King" and "Queen" laptops.

I guess in an industry which persistently thinks of women and technology in terms of booth babes, someone somewhere will argue that this is progress. Uglyer than a Dell.

3 thoughts on “his ‘n’ hers

  1. Hey Josie – what’s a with booth babe?
    My favourite technology and gender stereotype site is http://www.firebox.com/category/boystoys
    Here is a little extract to give you a flavour
    “Snackshotz – £12.95
    Dog treat delivery system
    Why waste energy hurling dog treats when you can fire them from this nifty little launcher? Simply load it with tasty Disco dog treats and guffaw as your bow wow runs, jumps and chomps down the delicious ammo. With a 12ft range, Rover will be satisfied and dog tired.”

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    Teaching healthy gender stereotypes with his n hers laptopsYuck yuck yuck. Blue or pink (but both vomit-inducing) plasticy looking laptops: the his model is of course the higher specced machine – all the more C…

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