Hello China!


Hi to anyone reading from China – I’ve been playing over at the Great Firewall of China, and I’m pleased to find that although SocialTech itself is banned, you can still get here via the default url. None of my other typepad hosted sites have been blocked, so I’ll try to continue spreading the subversion evenly.

Head over to the site to test your own urls relationship with the Chinese government’s filtering software, and read more about this great project.

2 thoughts on “Hello China!

  1. Hello from Argentina. I have a colleague now living in China who can sometimes see my Blogger blogs, sometimes not. She says that’s quite normal there.
    In my determination not to be stopped by that Great Firewall, I opened a Protopage and opened a window there to see my blog from it. To no avail.
    Then I set up a Suprglu account to aggregate both my blogs. And it works, she can see that!
    I guess Suprglu might also be an option to post to your blog if you are spending time in China and cannot access your Blogger account.
    Thank you for befriending me at Explode!

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