Off to ALT-C 2007

I’m off to ALT-C in the morning. I’ll be working the early morning shift (9am!) with Frances Bell & Helen Keegan on the 5th – we’re running a Web 2.0 Slam workshop, my contribution will be about personalisation, social search and social networking services. It would be more fun if we had an evening slot but hey – you could always stay up all night! DISCLAIMER – the internet has moved faster than the submission procedure, so we may not be sticking exactly to the advertised adgenda.

Catherine Howell is also speaking in the same slot as us, and I’m a bit upset to miss her session to be honest. At least if we don’t get many takers I can happily imagain they’re all headed off to her workshop.

There’s also a good looking web 2.0 apps as student portfolio session at the same time, so those of you who are morning people are spoiled for choice.

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