Web Slam: 2.0

I’m still at ALT-C 2007, enjoying catching up & meeting a bunch of new people. This morning,  Helen, Frances and I ran a Web 2.0 slam workshop. We were aiming to get the audience to take over the session and approach Web 2.0 apps, issues and practices creatively. Everyone was asked to contribute a 90 second competitive slam – basically, a quick and dirty performance piece around the stuff we covered in the first half of the session. We worked as we went and you can check out the WetPaint wiki, which links to the pictures and vids our lovely best boy Simon Hardaker took during the session. Big thanks to to Steve Wheeler who put time in as our chair, Unfortunately no one took up my suggestion to explore web 2 through the medium of interpretative dance, although the winning slam was a web 2.0 parody mime. 

We may or may not have film of the presenters’ slams – apparently there was additional secret filming going on in the audience and we’re currently trying to uncover the footage. Helen presented a visual montage around web 2.0 issues and themes; Frances contributed a bed time story/morality tale for our times on Facebook disclosure; I explored social network search engines with a live dating session for the single people in the audience.  This could potentially be a good career move for me so if you have a tech event coming up and would like some live matchmaking 2.0 give me a call 😉

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