4th International Edublog Awards, online


Picture credit: kerryank

The International Edublog Awards is now in it’s fourth year,
celebrating and highlighting excellence in the educational use of
weblogs and social media, drawing attention to the vast amount of
cutting edge educational practice out there and making friends on the

The awards were jointly convened the year by myself and James Farmer, working with a international team of leading educational technology experts: Josie Fraser (UK), James Farmer (Australia – & the man who who set up and ran the first awards, and rejoined us this year) Jeff LeBow (US) and Dave Cormier (Canada). Jo Kay (Australia)  also joined us this year as our Second Life guru.

This year saw our most ambitious awards ceremony to date – thankfully we pulled it off! We introduced some new categories and also expanded the locations of the awards ceremony – putting distributed practice in to action.

One of the ceremony locations this year was the jokaydia in Second Life, and the sim was full to bursting – we also used two additional inworld sites. Participants could join the ceremony Ustream Simulcast and text chat at EdTech Talk
– where they were able to watch and hear all of the action live streamed from the Second Life location (and visa versa). There was also a text based chat room hosted at EdTech Talk. We also used Twitter to read/post about the awards – providing live updates about category winners.

We used a Flickr pool for everyone to contribute their pictures of the awards event and after party, and ran a Facebook event listing.

Huge congratulations to all our 2007 winners and finalists


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