Eduspaces says goodbye

Just got the email from Curverider announcing the Eduspaces closure:

Hi All,

We would like to inform all users
of EduSpaces that we will be shutting
down the service on Jan 10th, 2008.

We have provided a mechanism
for you to export all your blog
posts in either an RSS format or
HTML. To do this, go to your blog
and select the submenu option
you require. For those of you
with files, you might want to
download those as well.

Thank you to everyone
who has supported EduSpaces
over the last three years.

Best regards,

The EduSpaces team

It’s no huge surprise (amongst other indicators Dave and Ben both moved out of Eduspaces a while ago), although I had hoped they would find someone to take the site over, and I can’t say that I’m not sad to see the site go. Eduspaces and the Curverider team have provided a really important service, and an even more important model for the international education sector – demonstrating how web 2.0 and social technologies can be used to support learning and teaching, and showing the world what a learner-centric system might look like.


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