Greatly exaggerated rumors


According to Ewan McIntosh’s feed reader, I’m apparently dead. Other than advising him to invest time in setting up a less enthusiastically morbid aggregator, I thought actually posting might be a good way to get people to stop nagging me let all of you who care know I’m still kicking. I have been (micro)blogging pretty much non-stop, but over at Twitter – where you can find me under the imaginative username josiefraser. The keen eyed amongst you will notice that I have a Jaiku feed tap on my home blog sidebar, but I’m resigned to using the far superior microblogging service that is Jaiku primarily as a lifestream service since Twitter is currently where the party is (and is likely to be so for a while: at least until Google bothers opening signup again. If you want an invite to Jaiku, let me know).

What else have I been up to? Lots of stuff around web 2.0 (whatever that’s being defined as these days), including a bunch of projects on social networking and social media services for UK under 18 year olds. I’ve also been planning a three day online conference for Emerge around Digital Communities and Digital Identities, as well as speaking at other peoples conferences, and designing some workshops.

I’ve been over at Second Life quite a bit lately, I’m very excited about the fashion show I’ll be hosting over there with Steven Warburton and Kisa – and astonished at the amazing work Kisa has has done building the catwalk and associated assets. The fashion show is partly a social event, partly a way of opening up discussion around identity and representation in virtual environments.

Anyway, I’m back now, clogging up the arteries of feed readers everywhere with my  buttery SocialTech goodness 🙂

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