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Picture credit: Mom & Mrs Pat Butcher by virgo200745

Grab your floppy hat and sun screen and head out to the bright new day that is the Edubloggers Summer Picnic: Hyde Park 15 June 08. This one’s in honor of Instructional Media Analyst Stella Lee who’s on loan to us from Athabasca University, Canada, for a week:

It’s been a while since we had a proper meetup. So why not come to London’s Hyde Park for an afternoon of great company and the finest food and wines known to mankind?*
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Anyone working in educational technology, or in formal or informal learning & interested in geeky stuff. This is an ideal day out for for learning technologists, IT people, teachers, librarians, cultural workers, researchers, or people interested in talking about how tech supports learning & learning communities. Relations, friends, loved ones and offspring are all welcome.

Hyde Park: Meet by the Serpentine Gallery (check back for updates/rainy day alternatives)

2pm – later. There will probably be an early evening pub move. I’d be pretty amazed if there wasn’t.

Bring food, drink, footballs, frisbees, blankets… activity ideas welcome – we may have footie & rounders matches depending on the relative fitness of attendees.

*You need to provide these yourself unfortunately

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