Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators


Josie Fraser introduces #Purposedpsi

Video: Leon Cych Sound: Steve Boneham

Watch more videos from the day here.

I spent Saturday 30 April in Sheffield, at the Purpos/ed Summit for Investigators, along with 50 delegates from across the UK who had given up their Saturday to take part in a day of discussion and action planning around Purpos/ed.

Huge thanks to Doug Belshaw and Andrew Stuart for organising the whole thing, to Steve Boneham, Mario and Leon Cych for technical support, broadcasting and documenting the day, to Keri Facer for her excellent video contribution, & Fred Garnett for talking about not one but three c-words: community, co-production and citizenship. & not forgetting  everyone who volunteered and ended up speaking in the 3×3 slots. There were also excellent & heated discussion and barcamp sessions.

I was pleased to be asked to help out by chairing the day, and I also had the opportunity to talk about some of my current work and interests, reflecting on some of the contributions to the 500 words campaigne that kick started the process. I only had 10 minutes, but I seem to have managed to get a lot of ums in 🙂 Refs for my talk:

Martin WellerSpace – The purpose of education

David WhiteEducation should make us anxious

Graham AttwellThe practice of freedom

Josie FraserPurpos/ed



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