School Educational Technologist Post – Job Description and Matrix

I’ve been working with Leicester City Council’s HR Department, in consultation with secondary schools, to create a new school post – Educational Technologist. The career grade post – with three grades defined – will be of particular interest to schools who make use of ICT Managed Service provision, although schools who provide their ICT Service in-house may be interested in how the new post sits within existing or planned provision.

The overall purpose of the post is described as:

To provide support to the school/college in identifying and implementing the use of technologies which enhance learner outcomes and experience, and that improve administrative functions.

The major objectives of the post are:

  • To ensure the effective use of technology for educational, community and business purposes and to share good practice, ensuring continuous improvement in the use, management and support of technology for staff and learners.
  • To ensure the efficient and effective administration and management of accounts, systems and processes as appropriate.
  • To ensure staff queries and requests for help are responded to and resolved quickly and that issues are correctly addressed.
  • To ensure the development and technical maintenance of the schools online presence, resources and activity.
  • To ensure the effective management and support of ICT equipment and facilities, including routine maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment takes place as appropriate.
  • To keep up to date with new developments in technology, especially those relating to education and the school’s/college curriculum.
  • To promote the use of new and existing technology, the devices, software, services and platforms that support the schools work and curriculum.
  • To ensure that adequate arrangements exist for the security of data, systems and hardware.
  • To implement and promote Leicester City Council’s and the school/college’s policies and procedures relating to all areas of employment and service delivery.

You can download the JD and Level Matrix here:

Educational Technologist JD & Level Matrix – Leicester City Council 2013 (PDF)

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